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Google AdWords

The best value in small business advertising!

The most cost effective advertising is CPC (cost per click) SEM (search engine marketing), and the best of those is Google AdWords. The reason is that every one who clicks on your ad is actively seeking your product or service.

Google dominates the search market with roughly 87% of all searches worldwide, and AdWords is the best marketing value for small and large businesses alike.

Google AdWords allows you to set bids and daily budgets to control your costs so that you never spend more than you want. And, with comprehensive metrics, you can see who is visiting your site and track results and conversions (sales) to determine your return on investment.

Watch this video from Google AdWords to learn how it works:

Not just for the big guys!
AdWords is scalable for small businesses who have limited budgets and have limited geographical markets. If you have a business that encompasses only one county, AdWords targets only prospects in that area. AdWords campaigns can be targeted to a radius in miles from your business location, gender and age demographics, interest groups and more.

Since Google bought YouTube, video ads can now be managed through your AdWords account. similar to graphic display ads, they can be placed based on search criteria, interest, or other demographic metrics. You only pay for video ads when they are watched for more than 30 seconds, or if there is a click to your landing page.

In addition, the excellent metrics and testing available allow an advertiser to easily and effectively advertise within only the area and with search terms that bring the most qualified prospects to your business.

With comprehensive search engine visibility analysis and keyword recommendations and Google Analytics for comprehensive reporting of results, we offer full service and totally transparent methods.

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