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SEO is a must for any business with a website.
If you are serious about reaching your customers, your site MUST be properly optimized. SEO (search engine optimization) means optimizing your website to maximize it's ranking in organic (free) search listings. 

More importantly, if you are advertising with AdWords or Bing, the quality score of your keywords is partially based on the relevancy of the landing page. If your page is not properly optimized, your clicks will cost you more.

We are ethical and affordable.
Any company that makes promises like "First Page Rank Guaranteed" is not being honest. First page ranking is dependant upon the search term, where the search is performed, the time of day, and many other factors. Because the landscape of competing websites is changing constantly, any effective approach to SEO needs to be responsive to the changing environment.

White Hat SEO
We use only Google recommended methods to improve your website's ranking and AdWords Quality Score. Good SEO practices are extremely important today because trying to "game" the system can get your website penalized. Good keyword research, using Google's Keyword Planner, means the most searched keywords are used to maximize your website's visibility to the people that you want to see it. Most frequently searched terms are used at every level from page titles and description tags, to page copy, to ads in PPC campaigns. This top to bottom approach ensures complete relevancy for the search phrases most likely to produce good prospects.

Older SEO techniques are no longer supported by search engines.
Tricks like link farms and keyword stuffing don't work and can actually lower your rank in modern search engines. Quality content that is relevant is the key to good ranking. Keeping the topic focused, and using most frequently searched terms is the ideal way to ensure that search engines will rank your page well. Good SEO means good page copy above all. A SEO savvy copy writer is central to best practice SEO. We offer comprehensive research and copy writing/editing as well as SEM ad writing and research.

Basic steps to optimizing a website:

  • Site analysis - Check keywords in your site against search engines. Research the competition to see what common keywords are used in highly ranked sites. Evaluate your site against this information.

  • Search term content optimization - Write new page titles and descriptions based on the site analysis.

  • Establish a Google Analytics account - Google Analytics will show you everything about who, how many, how long, and location your of site visitors.

  • Evaluation - monitor and evaluate traffic trends on your site.

  • Tuning and maintenance - This process needs to be ongoing and evolving to keep your site at its best position.

Additional SEO Services include creating back links in forums, blogs, YouTube comments and other relevant locations, creating Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and other social media accounts and generating traffic with links to your website. This more comprehensive approach is based upon what kind of business you have and which channels are most effective for your market.

We offer basic site evaluations for free* and more comprehensive evaluations starting at $99.

*Basic site evaluation includes review of landing page and visibility research on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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